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3D cell biology with the Power of Digital Bioprinting

A simple platform to create 3D cell models in standard well plates that are compatible with your existing experimental workflow

With its unique technology, RASTRUM places individual cell types and matrix components drop-by-drop and layer-by-layer to build a 3D cell model, giving you capability like never before to recreate in vivo biology.​

The art of simplifying complexity

1. Design

Design your experiment without the need for 3D modeling or hydrogel engineering

2. Print

Easy and automated printing workflow to create your 3D cell model efficiently and reproducibly.

3. Use

Printed 3D cell models are compatible with standard culture and analysis.


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Printable and Tunable 3D Cell Culture Environments using RASTRUM™ Matrices

The RASTRUM™ 3D cell culture platform, developed by Inventia Life Science, utilises synthetic PEG-based matrices that:

  • Enable reliable cell encapsulation to generate 3D cell models
  • Can be modified to match ECM stiffnesses found in vivo
  • Can be biofunctionalised with addition of adhesion peptides, full-length proteins or MMP-sensitive sites to suit each encapsulated cell type

Tunable stiffness to provide physiologically relevant environments

Full-length proteins enriched in nautral extracellular matrices (i.e. laminin and collagen)

Modifiable adhesion peptides for mediating integrin binding​

MMP-sensitive sites to enable cleavage of the matrix by cell-secreted proteases

The application note provides an overview of the utility and tunability of RASTRUM™ matrix systems


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