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3D Cell Culture Technology

Grow your cells using CelVivo’s 3D cell culture technology
to generate in vitro models that closely resemble real-world conditions.


Advance your 3D Cell Culture Research

ClinoStar System

This video explain how spheroids from immortal cell lines are formed in the ClinoReactor. The spheroids will mature in the ClinoReactor over 18 days. After maturation the spheroids will exhibit functionality and architecture like in vivo tissue. Making them perfect models for studies of toxicology, efficacy and cell development.

Use the CelVivo system to grow your cells in vivo, generating in-vitro models that closely resemble real-world conditions.

Perfect for maintaining long-term cultures without the use of animals.

ClinoStar ®

The ClinoStar is a clinostat CO₂ incubator which allows you to culture cells in 3D.

A tablet is used to control the temperature, CO₂ level and each of the 6 clinostat motors are (independently) controlled using an intuitive software.

The CO₂ and temperature in the chamber is blended by a centrally located fan to ensure a precise, homogeneous growth environment.



  • Each reactor has an associated motor which can spin the reactor slowly. The speed of the motor can be precisely controlled individually using a tablet. The tablet can control multiple units.
  • A fan is installed in the chamber for ventilation purposes to ensure a uniform environment within the chamber.
  • For decontamination a UV-C beacon is placed in the chamber.
  • 6 individual cameras allow monitoring of each bioreactor in real-time.
  • The door has a push to open mechanism allowing the user to open the door with the elbow, so the hands of the user can be used for holding bioreactors.
  • The unit has a small footprint and can be stacked up to 3 units high.

ClinoReactor ®

The ClinoReactor (patent pending) is an all-in-one bioreactor. The front wall of the chamber is also a lid which can be clicked on and off as desired giving full access to the chamber in a petri-dish manner.

The vents in top of the ClinoReactor ensures a constant flow of air over the membrane allowing CO₂ to be in equilibrium with the media inside the cell chamber. This can be useful for sampling or adding and removing large constructs.

The ClinoReactor has its own humidification system for minimizing the risks of infections and keeping the volume constant in the incubation chamber. The ClinoReactor has feet allowing it to stand unsupported making media exchange easy. Media exchange is done via the top vial and can be performed within a couple of minutes.



  • Advanced bioreactor which allows you to culture cells as spheroids
  • Comes single wrapped
  • Has a 10 mL growth culture chamber
  • The humidification system consisting of water beads ensure constant volume of media.
  • A semi-permeable membrane ensure that growth media is in equilibrium with the CO₂ content in the incubator
  • The transparent front lid can be removed giving access to a petri-dish like cell culture chamber
  • Access ports together with the stand-up function allow easy exchange of media
  • The front port allows easy sampling of spheroids

Control Unit

The ClinoStar is controlled by a tablet with pre-installed software.

The software allows you to adjust environment conditions (CO₂, temperature) for each ClinoStar unit independently.

You can also adjust the speed of each bioreactor from 1 to 100 rpm in 0.1 rpm steps (clockwise or anticlockwise).

Any bioreactor can be inspected at any time so you can check how your experiment is progressing and capture images for future publications or documentation.

Worried about infections? There’s a UV-C decontamination LED to sweep the ClinoStar clean again.

The software is intuitive and optimized for working in lab conditions (bright lights, or with surgical gloves). It allows you to control several – or many (up to 50!) – ClinoStars simultaneously.

Finally, the smooth glass surface of the unit makes it is easy to clean making it an ideal tool for the demanding conditions of the cell culture labs.

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